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We’re Peace Marine Service

Peace of Mind Vessel Maintenance, Management, and Monitoring

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Complete Vessel Services

All work performed to the highest standard of safety, reliability, and integrity. We work directly with all leading manufacturers to ensure compliance with all service recommendations.


Factory quality installation of navigational and communications equipment

We are happy to design any system for your needs, install equipment you have purchased or even finish existing sloppy installs.

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The ocean is a harsh environment and your vessel is in it's exposure at all times; from bridge to keel, sprit to stern, we keep the salt at bay

Regularly scheduled services, maintenance programs, and emergency repair/troubleshooting of engine/propulsion systems, battery and power systems, deck hardware, vessel services (galley, heads, etc)

Fresh motor oil


Monetize your vessel with our Charter Management Program, offset or even have all of your vessel expenses paid for through chartering

For many a boat becomes a financial burden or it sits unused, needlessly racking up expenses. Our Charter Management Program offers worry free development and management of your charter business.  Simply request and fill out a Charter Business Kit to transform your EXPENSE into an ASSET

Yacht Deck


Digital and Live monitoring of Vessel Status, Storm Event Check-ups, pre-cruise inspections

Many levels of service from walk by inspections to regular boarding with systems functionality tests, we even offer 4G LTE vessel monitors that send text message alarms in the event of high water, lost power or voltage, extreme temperatures, etc.

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Business Hours

Available 24 hrs for emergency or on-call service

Mon - Fri: 9am - 4pm
Saturday: 8am - 5pm
Sunday: 10am - 4pm

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82C Portage Pl, Friday Harbor, WA 98240


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